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Schedule Controls

Baseline Schedule Review
Schedules are typically complex compilations of input from multiple stakeholders.  A schedule review seeks to ensure that the schedule reflects the defined scope, is suitable for control purposes, meets the stakeholders milestone & contractual requirements, and all parties agree on and understand its content, including its probabilistic nature in relation to various agreements made.

We review proposed schedules for compliance with schedule requirements, scope, and constraints.  We also evaluate schedules for sound activity logic; allocated resources; critical path and other important planning elements necessary to deliver the project as planned.

These schedules will become the baseline for the project and then all work on the project is measured against them.

Progress Update
In tracking the results as the project progresses, we will alert management to any critical variances and threats that occur.  In addition, we will then document the reasons for any delays and help determine who is ultimately responsible for the delay.

Forensic Analysis
We provide forensic analysis of time impacts and evaluations of entitlements for additional time and money.