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King County WTD – South Treatment Cogeneration Plant


This project includes construction of a new eight-megawatt cogeneration facility at King County’s south treatment plant in Renton, Washington. Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of heat and electricity utilizing digestor gas and/or natural gas. This facility is being constructed to augment the existing electrical power supply and replace the existing heating system at the plant with a more efficient and economical system. Heat recovered from the cogeneration facility will be used to meet south plant’s space and process heating requirements. The entire facility will be housed in a new 100′ x 150′ steel frame building with precast concrete panel walls.


The cogeneration plant will consist of two gas turbine generators (GTG), two heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), one steam turbine generator (STG), three steam-water heaters for treatment plant space and process heat loads, and all ancillary equipment.


  • Twelve months from notice to proceed to substantial completion
  • Completion 2005


Approx. Construction value $10M


Schedule management & commissioning engineering. Review contractor’s initial project schedule and proposed schedule of values, assist in establishing a project baseline schedule  and approved SOV, evaluate contractor’s monthly schedule updates, investigate the impacts of changes, evaluate recovery schedules if necessary, review two-week look-ahead schedules for compliance with the project master schedule and for coordination with owner furnished equipment, maintain an as-built schedule, and contribute to the scheduling portion of the monthly construction status reports.