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Westrock – Pulp & Paper Mill


WestRock Pulp & Paper Mill in Tacoma, WA hired P&M in 2015 to support multiple shutdown, maintenance and upgrade projects with Primavera (P6) scheduling, Project Administration and other Project Management related services.

One of the larger projects included The Boiler MACT compliance project which included installing a new wet acid gas scrubber downstream of the existing Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) for HCL control. The wet acid gas scrubber included three (3) sets of pumps; quench water pumps, scrubber recycle pumps and caustic dosing pumps. A 50% caustic solution system consisting of a caustic storage tank and the caustic dosing pumps were also installed.


P&M provided Primavera (P6) scheduling services, Project Administration, Construction coordination and Project Management services.

Project Duration

2015- 2018