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King County WTD – Project Formulation Program


The objective is to improve the cost estimates at the project development stage. Its primary intent is to reduce the difference between initial and finished actual project cost and schedule information through the improved understanding of costs and schedule impacts prior to project approval. 

The scopes of existing potential projects (also known as Needs) will be refined to create accurate conceptual cost estimates and schedules using WTD Basis of Estimate tool.  A Business Case Report will be developed for each need in close coordination with WTD. The Project Formulation Program team will recommend to WTD Management projects to be approved as well as what priority it should have in the larger budget ranking process.


P&M with CH2M was awarded the Wastewater Treatment (WTD) Division Project Formulation Program contract. The purpose of this contract is to utilize planning level scope information to provide a business case (schedule and cost information) for project need assessments on a work order basis.

P&M provides scheduling and estimating services to support overall program execution including Business Case Development which may include but are not limited to the creation of planning level needs documentation for various capital asset management projects.


  • Develop cost loaded MS Project schedules
  • Develop construction schedule for alternative comparison and selection

Cost Estimating:

  • Develop Basis of Estimate (BOE)
  • Provide Class 5 AACEI estimate according to WTD Cost Estimating Guidelines
  • Develop construction cost estimates for alternatives comparison and selection.

Project Duration

2017 to 2019