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King County WTD – Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services On-Call


King County’s wastewater system facilities comprise three large regional wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), two small WWTP, one community septic system, four combined sewer overflow (CSO) treatment facilities, over 391 miles of sewer pipelines, 25 regulator stations, 47 pump stations and 38 CSO outfalls.

This work order provides services to enable WTD respond effectively to mechanical and electrical needs that arise in this complex wastewater system. Under typical circumstances, the Team will be expected to respond to the County’s request within 48 hours; to respond more promptly to urgent work order requests; and, must respond within several hours to an emergency services request.


CH2M with P&M as a Sub was selected to provide professional mechanical and electrical engineering services on a work order basis for King County Wastewater Treatment Division’s wastewater treatment plants, wastewater conveyance and CSO storage and treatment facilities and equipment. The team will also provide associated structural and civil engineering and architectural services.

P&M provides scheduling and estimating services such as follows:

  • Development of construction schedules for all phases of design and contract document preparation
  • Development of cost estimates for alternatives comparisons and selection
  • Development of construction cost estimates for all phases of design (30/60/90/100 percent)

Project Duration

2017 to 2019