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King County WTD – Kent/Auburn Conveyance System Improvements Project


The purpose of this contract is to provide construction management services to King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks for Kent/Auburn Conveyance System Improvements Project.

The following pipeline projects will be constructed as part of the Kent/Auburn CSI project:

  1. Pacific Pump Station Discharge. All of the flow from the Pacific Pump Station will be rerouted from the Algona-Pacific Trunk and AWVI to the new Auburn West Interceptor (AWI) Parallel at 15th Street Southwest during the wet season. The new pipeline will be a combination of a force main, an existing gravity sewer procured from Boeing Corporation, and a gravity sewer. 
  2. Auburn West Interceptor (AWI) Parallel. The AWI Parallel, which will parallel the existing AWI, will replace the existing AWI as the primary interceptor in the area. This pipeline will convey wet-weather flows from the Pacific Pump Station Discharge and all dry- and wetweather flows from the M Street Trunk (via the Stuck River Trunk constructed as part of Phase A) and from the Lakeland Hills Trunk.


P&M provided construction scheduling and was tasked to review the General Contractor baseline and monthly progress CPM schedules, monitor construction progress and perform time impact/dispute analysis (TIA).

Project Duration