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Sound Transit – West Seattle-Ballard Link


The 11.8-mile project will have 10 new stations and 4 expanded stations.

The Ballard Link Extension and Downtown Seattle Light Rail Tunnel will build light rail from Ballard’s Market Street area through downtown Seattle with both tunneled and elevated alignments and a rail-only movable bridge over Salmon Bay. The Ballard Link Extension will connect to existing Link services, continuing south to Tacoma.

The West Seattle Link Extension will build light rail from West Seattle’s Alaska Junction neighborhood to downtown Seattle primarily on an elevated guideway with a new rail-only fixed span crossing of the Duwamish River. The West Seattle Link extension will connect to existing Link service, continuing north to Lynnwood.

Passengers traveling between West Seattle and Ballard can transfer between the two lines at the SODO, International District and Westlake Station.


P&M with HNTB as prime was awarded this contract to provide consultant’s services for the West Seattle – Ballard Link Extension project to study building high capacity transit from West Seattle neighborhood to Downtown Seattle and from Ballard neighborhood to Downtown Seattle.

P&M will support Phase 2 and Phase 3 as they proceed per Sound Transit’s discretion.

For Phase 2 (Draft EIS and Conceptual Engineering), P&M will prepare schedule and preliminary construction phasing plan of the preferred alternative.

For Phase 3 (Final EIS and Preliminary Engineering), the design of the preferred alternative will be advanced to a level sufficient to support the implementation of the selected project delivery method.  P&M will prepare schedule and update the construction phasing plan identifying staging areas, haul/detour routes, critical schedule restrictions, etc.

Project Duration

2019 – 2022

[1] Source: Sound Transit System Expansion