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Sound Transit – Construction Management Services for Sounder Commuter Rail (Multiple Projects)


Lakewood Layover Yard Expansion Design-Build consisted of constructing additional track (2 turn outs) and modifying signals; completing drainage improvements and increasing electrical power to accommodate additional wayside power and yard lighting; T&E building, storage building and compressor building, new parking lot and significant grading throughout the site.

Point Defiance Bypass (Design-Bid-Build) consisted of construction of a new second track adjacent to ST existing main line between South Tacoma (66th Street Bridge) and Lakewood (Bridgeport Way); installation of new rails, ties and ballast on ST’s existing track between Lakewood and Nisqually; improvements at the connection to BNSF’s mainline near Nisqually; and, safety improvements at some existing at-grade crossings within the project corridor.

Tacoma Trestle Track & Signal (Design-Bid-Build) consisted of replacement of the existing wooden train trestle located in Tacoma, WA between East “C” Street and Tacoma Rail Junction rail corridor with a new double track train bridge and modification of the railroad signals; maintaining the existing trestle in operation while the first section of the new train bridge is constructed adjacent to the existing trestle. The second section, including the second track, was constructed after the first new track was operations; relocation/rebuilt of infrastructure and utilities in conflict with the new design.


P&M with HNTB as prime was awarded this contract to support Sound Transit’s (ST) Construction Manager. The HNTB team worked as an integrated team with ST project management, ST construction management, ST civil and systems engineering and the Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build General Contractors. The project organization structure presented unique coordination requirements and sharing of responsibilities.

P&M provided construction scheduling and was tasked to review the General Contractor baseline and monthly progress CPM schedules, monitor construction progress in the field, validate progress payment request and perform time impact analysis (TIA) on multiple projects. They were the Lakewood Layover Expansion Design-Build, the Tacoma Trestle Track & Signal Replacement, and the Point Defiance Rail Line Upgrade between Lakewood and Nisqually.

Project Duration

2015 to 2018