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Port of Seattle – South Satellite Renovations Project Management and Controls Support Services


The South Satellite serves a mix of common use domestic and international carriers.  The renovations and expansion of South Satellite objective is to meet current building and structural minimum code requirements and airport standards to effectively handle current and growing passenger volumes. It also aims to fulfill a commitment the Port made to the international and foreign flag carriers to improve the facilities open and available to service their flights.

The planned renovations include abatement of regulated materials; upgrade of the building’s structural system for updated loading and seismic requirements; concourse expansion and improvements (hold-rooms, concessions, restrooms, day lighted ceilings, etc.); and, upgrades to effected building systems (fire and life safety, MEP, Communications, Security and others).


In July 2017, P&M with Louis Berger US Inc. was awarded the project management and controls services contract to supplement and support the Port of Seattle in overall project delivery of the program.

P&M provides integrated program controls services:

  •        Program Controls Management
  •        Cost Engineering & Cost Controls
  •        Cost Estimating
  •        Scheduling

Overall management and guidance to the Project Controls staff in conjunction with the Port’s processes and procedures. Support include but is not limited to development, management and oversight of authorizations, forecasts and expenditures; program schedules; and, change management.

Utilize and maintain cost/schedule control systems and reporting tools to provide Port Management with the decision-making tools necessary for project and program management. Develop project controls reports to meet the needs of the Program Leaders, Project Managers and project stakeholders.

Manage project budgets and forecasts; setup project including stakeholder and tenant sub-projects using the Port’s standard project controls software, PeopleSoft and Skire/Unifier; and review and track project expenditures amongst others.

Provide Conceptual estimates for prospective and new projects; develop construction cost estimates at design milestones (15/30/60/90 percent) and as directed by AVPMG; prepare 100% and Engineer’s estimate for preparing bids and normalizing bids received. Estimate costs for alternatives and value Engineering as directed.

Validate schedule during stages of design, including schedule changes associated with cost trends; develop schedule to evaluate procurement strategies including alternative contracting methods; provide risk-based CPM schedule; analyze and evaluate baseline and monthly schedules submitted by Contractors.

Project Duration

2017 to 2018 (Service Directive No.1)