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Port of Seattle – Asset Cost Estimating Services IDIQ


The contract entails development of cost estimates to be used in renewal and replacement CIP planning and preparation for approximately 45,000 assets at Sea-Tac International Airport. The assets to be estimated are in the areas of building architecture, civil, electrical, communications, mechanical, vertical conveyance, baggage handling, signage, and controls.


In May 2013, P&M as a Prime Consultant was hired to provide asset cost estimating services for the Port of Seattle Aviation Division. The goal of this work is to support the Port in managing the capital assets to minimize long term total cost of ownership. Example of P&M services include but are not limited to providing incontrovertible costs estimates for the asset inventory template; inflating or deflating construction cost numbers for existing assets to account for year of construction; reporting all final numbers for each asset using POS templates; and, providing organized back up documentation for asset estimates.

Project Duration

May 2013 to March 2021