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825 MW Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant – Jenks, Oklahoma


The project was for a nominal 825 MW capacity combined cycle cogeneration power plant. The facility is located on a 41-acre tract of land located in Jenks, Oklahoma.


  • Three general electric PG 7241 FA enhanced combustion gas turbine generator sets 
  • Three aalborg three-pressure, three-drum, heat recovery generators with reheat and duct 
  • Firing Three GE condensing steam turbine generators Jenks, OK 

Scope of Work

Engineering, procurement, construction and startup (EPC)


Twenty-two months from full notice to proceed to commercial operation completion 2001


Approx. EPC value of $300M


Prime contractor/project manager. Provide the leadership, project management and front line delivery of quality to the client. Furthermore, the responsibility for scope of work, planning, quality control plan and a disciplined approach to the execution of work, ensuring the assignment of appropriately qualified and trained personnel, selecting and using reliable and proven systems and processes and ensuring that engineering designs comply with contract performance specifications, codes and standards. Invited solvent suppliers and contractors, implemented professional cost and schedule management practices, ensured safe, well-organized and disciplined construction sites, maintained proper document control systems and archival records and finally, made sure the client’s corporate objectives were met to complete a smoothly ran project.

*This project was performed by principal of the firm