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Myriad – Total Cost Management Software

PMSI Method

Myriad™ is a Total Cost Management software based on the P&M Methodology for Project Controls. 

The system supports the execution of best practices and fundamentals in Project Management with the initial development of cost estimates, schedules and risk analysis and then baseline of project budgets and schedules. The project controls is concentrated on the monitoring and tracking of performance with earned value management, trending and commitment controls, variance analysis, risk assessment and forecasting. Integrated project delivery is made easy with the resource and cost loading of schedules in support of schedule analysis, capital budgeting and earned value management. Myriad™ has excellent estimating capabilities.  Estimates that have been developed using other type of software can be imported into Myriad™ with the purpose of effective controls of cost estimate trends, variance analysis and baseline of budgets. 

Summary of Myriad™ features 

Myriad™ supports the capital design and construction enterprise with:

  • Estimating with Trending and Variance Controls in support of a Design-To-Cost (DTC) Approach
  • Estimating of Capital Costs with markup of Soft Costs
  • Risk Based Range Estimating and Monte Carlo Simulations in support of Probabilistic Estimating and Forecasting
  • Risk Register
  • Budget Baseline
  • Cost Controls including: Tracking of Actual Costs, Variance Controls, Trending with Commitment Controls and Forecasting
  • Performance Tracking of Cost and Schedule KPI’s using Earned Value Management 
  • Integration with Primavera (P6 pending) and Microsoft Project
  • Integration with Excel
  • Automatic Creation of Schedules from Estimates
  • Automatic Resource and Cost Loading of Schedules
  • Progress and Status Reporting including Dashboard with Cost and Schedule Indicators

Project delivery information 

Myriad™ is a database that is simple to use and very relevant for project planning and controls.  It is agile enough to be used for small or large projects.  The intention with Myriad™ is to facilitate an approach to project delivery, which will:

  • Create visibility of project status
  • Be flexible in the design of solutions
  • Provide the tools to do the job

Risk Management and Integration

Myriad™ integrates with a variety of Monte Carlo simulation software using Microsoft Excel®.  You can add Range Estimating to your spreadsheet models quickly and easily to evaluate probabilistic outcomes for:

  • Estimated Cost
  • Budgets and Projected Cost (Forecasting)
  • Determining Contingencies and Management Reserves

Myriad™ is designed to work directly with automatic migration of data to external tools such as: MS Excel, MS Project and Primavera (P6 pending).  Actual Cost expenditures are downloaded from financial systems into an Excel template and then automatically imported into Myriad™.

Analysis / Reporting

Myriad™ creates a database of information that can create reports and controls at a enterprise/ programmatic level that provides visibility and credibility to the project delivery process.

Myriad™ allows for powerful, customizable exporting of all data to Excel.  These reports can be individually ordered, grouped, colored, sorted, and saved for future use.  This allows for easy, flexible, on-the-spot reporting from Myriad™.

You can look at the reports and know where your project stands relative to its schedule and budget.  Myriad™ will raise the confidence that management and outside stakeholders have in your project and in your ability to complete the project on time and on budget.